Authentic Northwest Coast Design Decals

Designed by established Native Artists from tribes across the Pacific Coast


Sept, 2008
I just received your decals.
thank a lot they are great !

Albi in southern France _Galerie d'images - Office de Tourisme

Great for your windows, books, vehicles, metals, and most flat services. Backing has water proof glue that lasts against the elements.

Square decals 5" X 5"
Rectangle decals 5" X 7"

One Color Decals $4.00 ea cdn
(minimum purchase 2)

Two Color Decals $5,00 ea cdn
(minimum purchase 2)

Three Color decals $ 6.00 ea cdn




Eagles Hunt Decal

Square decals 5" X 5"
Rectangle decals 5" X 7"



Designed By


A traditional Coast Salish design

Designs by

Na Na Quish


Humming Birds Decal
2 color Designs Red and Black

This design shows two hummingbirds sharing a flower.



Sea Serpent

Decal depicts the sea serpent in both his disguise and his true form

He is preparing to create a storm,hense the storm moon in the background

A leading figure in the North West Coast Culture.

The sea serpent is intergrated into the family crests of chiefs


Design shows the warrior having been eaten

The salmon shows the traditional foods of the seal

Warrior having been eaten because of his greed .

It is good to be reminded of the consequences of greed

New Right Facing Wolf Design

This Design has a Ealge Head and Raven Head in the body of the Wolf

New Left Facing Wolf Design



Salmon Decal

Spawning Salmon Decal

New Buffalo Design

Heron Right Facing

Raven And Sun
Facing Right

New Wolf Design

Heron Left Facing

Raven And Sun
Facing Left

3D Raven And Sun
Facing Right

3D Raven And Sun
Facing Left

3D Sun Decal

David Bell Frog Design


New Designs

From David Bell

Kwakwaka' wakw Tribe

David Bell Eagle Design

Designs From

Clifford George

Uclulet Tribe

Butterfly Decal


Thunderbird and Whale

This is the Thunderbird and Whale design that shows the "hunter and the hunted." The Thunderbird is said to be so large that the whale is its only food to sustain him. In the center of this design is a human with its eyes closed as humans were not allowed to see a supernatural creature such as the Thunderbird.

This decal is available in a one color - black - design, or a choice of two color designs - silver with black outline or blue with black outline.

Blue With Black Outline

Silver With Black Outline

End of the Trail

The End of the Trail signifies the end of a journey. The man shown is a warrior who's journey has come to an end. This design can be interpreted in many ways, which is one of its charms.

The End of the Trail is avialable in a one color - black - design or a two color design - black and blue.

(with Feather)

This Eagle is surrounded by a sacred circle which contains two of the primary design shapes of the West Coast people. Attached on the side of the circle is an Eagle Feather which is to stand for its importance and significance to many tribes across North America.

This design is avialable in a one color design - black

(with Feather)

(one color design - black)
Right Facing

(with Feather)

(one color design - black)
Left Facing


The Humming bird was traditionally believed to be the bringer of good luck and joy to the people of the North West

Hummingbird Right Facing Black

Hummingbird Left Facing Black

Hummingbird Right Facing Black

Hummingbird Right Facing Silver

Hummingbird Right Facing Red

Hummingbird Left Facing Black

Hummingbird Left Facing Silver

Hummingbird Left Facing Red

Eagle's Landed

This design is being retired and only limited quantities are available

Sun Design
Moon Design
Hummingbird Dancer
Raven's Moon


March 2014

Hi Winona, Thank-you so much for sending me the decals. They are more beautiful in person than on-line! I will send you a picture of my kayak when it is finished. I also appreciate all of the other information you sent me. I know that as I paddle I am paddling in territory that has been paddled by your people for generations. Putting the decals on my boat is just a small gesture of my appreciation and respect. I prefer to paddle that use a power boat as I believe it is more respectful towards both nature and the people who live along the coast. Sincere blessings from my household to yours.

Julianne T

Surrey , B.C.


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