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Authentic Cowichan Toques

Our Knitters create specialty hats like the ones shown below or tradtional cowichan sheepwool toques.We have added new toque patterns below.Not only will you be nice and warm your head will breath with the natural fibre.


Cowichan Style Knit Toque

These are authentic cowichan toque's knit by Terry Joe

She can be seen spinning wool on our front page of cowichan sweaters

Original cowichan first nation .

Some variations of designs to actual toque listed on site

# 1

22 " Cream dark brown




# 2

18 in. cream , dark brown


18" Cream brown greyy

# 4

24 " Cream Dark brown taupe





# 5




# 6



# 7

22 in. Dk Br. with cream

24 in. light brown with cream

# 8




# 9

21 Cream blk. design

blk stripe above and below design





-22 in. grey, cream, dk brown






21 in grey cream dk. br.


# 12



# 13


# 14





# 15

22 grey- design dark grey




# 16


24" Cream dark brown taupe

# 17



# 18


# 19






23 in. cream ,blk design with blk

stripe above and below whale .

# 22


# 23

20 in. -grey, cream ,dk brown

21 in. grey, cream dk. brown

# 24



22 in. dark grey cream and dk brown










21" Brown, Cream, Dark Brown

# 29

Bear Toque

22 in. dark grey cream and dk brown




18.5" brown, cream, dark brown


Geometric Pattern

23" cream & dark brown

by Tammy Gibson


Geometric Pattern

23" white & dark brown

by Tammy Gibson


Geometric Pattern

by Tammy Gibson



Regular 16 - 22 - 55.95

Large - 23 -m 24.5 $62.95

X-Large 25 and up $ 68.95

Please supply us with a head measurement in inches upon order

*head measurement is the circumference
of the head just above the ears*
please note: a tailors measuring tape is best for this measurment.

Knit On Request Patterns

Pattern #1

Pattern #2

Pattern #3

Pattern #4

Pattern #5

Pattern #6

Pattern #7

Pattern #8

Pattern #9

Pattern #10

Pattern #11

Pattern #12



Hi Winona,
Wow! I just ordered the hats Friday afternoon and received them Tues. morning! Thank you so much for the decals and “freebie”. I have friends around the world and these hats are now being worn in New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey as well as several in Canada and US. I always emphasize that they are made in Canada by First Nations People on Vancouver Island.

Thanks again,




Hi Winona. The parcel arrived yesterday. We are delighted. The toques
beautiful. Thank you very much.

Winnepeg, MB.


Friday, February 13th

Hello Winona,

The toque you made for me arrived this morning and it's really a beautiful work of art, the size and fit is perfect.

The wool used being of high quality and workmanship, gives your people something to be proud of

Please ensure your "knitting lady" received my appreciation and thanks. I shall recommend Sa-Cinn to others who want your authentic First Nations products.

Kleco and regards,

John Fraser

British Columbia.

P.S. Thank you for the decal.