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David Bell


 Limited Edition Serigraphs

David  Bell was born in the native village of Alert Bay, B.C. on March 15th, 1956. At a young age David's grandfather, Herbert Cook, influenced him to draw native designs. He seriously started into his art around 1994 when he did designs for his aunt Beatrice Smith for her button blankets. Since David first began, he has worked on improving his art.

In 1995 he apprenticed under Bob Neel, learning about jewelry and design. Bob Neel is one of the sons of Ellen Neel, a well known northwest coast carver. Bob also taught David about the designs and the importance of following the traditions with in his art.

David's work has focused on traditions of the Kwakwaka'wakw people, but he has also been influenced by the more contemporary art form in his prints and jewelry. Never satisfied with his work, David is always striving to improve his art

"Hi-ya Hi-ya Hi-ya"

The phrase was a canoe entrance song, sung by the paddlers, when the canoe was entering the village. The song was not only sung to let the villagers know a canoe was coming, but also let the villagers know that they were coming in peace.     -D. Bell  2000

"Hiya, Hi-ya, Hi-ya"
Contemporary Design
War Canoe and Paddlers
Edition of 99
22" X 30"

$499.99 Cdn


Bookwus, the wild man of the woods. He is the spirit of a drowned canoe. He lives on the edge of the forest and feeds on cockles. He tries to get the spirit of other drowned people to come and live with him in his house . He is very shy and timid. The owl is in this design because in most native folklore he is the symbolizes the coming of a death 

Contemporary Design
Bookwus and Moon
Edition of 99
17" X 23"




The Stranded Killer Whale 

David Painted the killer whale in honor of his grandfather Charles Nowell . Charles Nowel's name , when he was born , translated to " stranded whale ". The  whale's arching back and lifting of its head and tail is typical of most whales or porpoises when beached. The Sun is Used to show the whale is not in the water. The faces in the design are used to reflect the pain and suffering the whale is experiencing.

"Tlalis" The Stranded Whale

Traditional Design
Edition of 139
15" X  22" 

$310.00  Cdn 


Two Wolves and the Moon 

An early morning moose Hunt in the Peace River area was the inspiration for the two wolves and the moon . In the early dawn, the moon was still full and bright. David found himself between two packs of wolves that were calling other. Although the wolves were not visible, he could hear their howling as they moved.

" Two Wolves "
Traditional Design
 Edition of 139
15" X  22"

$310.00 Cdn