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Dream Catcher - One of the most beautiful stories in North American Native Mythology. To be a dreamer (Wise One) was a highly honored position in a tribe or nation...

Today we are so busy with modern life that the visions of dream time must come during sleep time in order to get our attention.

Traditionally, a dream catcher is made with willow and woven into a sacred circle, with a web type center to harness bad dreams (which will perish at dawn's light) and still allow good dreams through.

Dream catchers allow us to pay attention to the gifts of dream time, and become aware of the talents and treasures within each one of us. The dream time reality is as ancient as our universe and holds all possible doors open to all levels of awareness. Sweet Dreams Friend...
Dino Manes David

Nabashun, North Ontario

Unfortunately has retired this special natural centuries old craft that has helped hundreds and thousands of idividuals to not be frightened of dreamtime and others to pay attention to messages that come to us during dreamtime. Dino will be taking it with her to the Spiritual World.In this modern society that special someone to hand it off to has not appeared to Dino and with that is very sad of the inevitable outcome of yet again part of the real unique history of our aboriginal culture being lost.

We at Sa-Cinn thank the many peoples who have purhased this unique craft,and wish you pleasant dreams always.

In Spirit

Muu-H,ap (Winona)

Owner Sa-Cinn

"TESTIMONIALS of past customers "

I recently ordered two dream catchers from Winona.  I particularly wanted these dream catchers as they are handmade which makes them unique unlike others for sale elsewhere.  They are very well made and are now a much treasured addition to my residence.  They are probably the best examples of Native American dream catchers I have seen in my travels and I would recommend them to anyone.  I love all things to do with Native American history and tradition and would encourage any person to read about the original meanings behind your purchases, so that you can fully appreciate why they were created in the first place.  Thank you so much - Louisa,


I wanted to let you know that the dream catcher I ordered from you arrived on Tuesday of last week and it is just beautiful.  I looked at many, many sites in trying to find just the right one.  Unfortunately, most of those made in the states are commercialized and mass produced in rainbow colors with dyed feathers and suede and it just wasn't what I wanted for my granddaughter.  Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product and please thank the lady who makes them.

Sandy Andrews, Pembroke Pines, Florida. 





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Turquoise Dream Catchers  

Among the many of the attributes it is believed that turquoise relaxes stress while joining love with wisdom and the ability to communicate.

Tiger Eye Dream Catchers

Is believed to be an emotional balancer, while helping to soften stubbornness. Enhances clear perception and insight.

Amethyst Dream Catchers

Amethyst is believed to be for spiritual development, it purifies and its excellent for meditation.

Green Aventurine Dream Catchers

Aventurine helps one to be more spiritual and independent. 

Red Aventurine Dream Catchers

Aventurine helps one to be more spiritual and independent.

Rose Quartz Rose Quartz is a stone of love.  Promotes creative thinking.  Makes one receptive to beauty, color and allows love of self and others.


Moonstone Moonstone is a love stimulant.  Powerful for reconciliation.  Is calming and excellent for meditation and spiritual guidance.



Garnet promotes success and minimizes confusion.  Assures love and devotion.


Hematite is for spiritual and physical energies.  Helps concentration and getting on with the job.



 Cree Legend Links Conscious, Unconscious Worlds 

    The world of a dreamer is a shadowy place where spirits - good and bad - work their magic. For most people only memories transcend those hazy boundaries of the surreal and the waking world. But to native Indian bands the link to that other world came in the form of the dream catcher. Traditionally a dream catcher is made of willow and woven into a sacred circle with a web center and feathers.

"It is one of the tools that will allow us to pass through the barriers of time and space," said Doreen (Dino) Manes David who creates these works of art in her Cedar trailer. "Today we are so busy with modern life that the visions of dream time must come during sleep time to get our attention," she said.

"Dream catchers allow us to pay attention to the gifts of dream time and become aware of the talents and treasures within each one of It was from her grandmother Lila Snow, that Dino first learned of the dream catchers and how to make them. And it was those memories that helped sustain her when she was taken from her grandparents and made to attend the white man's school. Taken from her own culture, the dream catcher was a small link to  her real world.

Something that would later help her rekindle happier times when she was growing up in northern Ontario. It has since become even more important. "It is a way to help others to understand our culture, it is something that I have prayed for."

To the Cree Native, the willow represents the "chosen tree." The braiding of its branches together represents the power of the woman in her home.

The center web, originally made from sinew, signifies the power of the man's strength enabling him to provide for his family. The raindrop shape shows that the rains fell to create rivers and ultimately the ocean, which represents the children. The stone in the center has a hole in it to allow negative feelings and thoughts filter through to the feathers where they disappear at dawn.

That leaves only the positive feelings to fill the crystal below. Dino believes that within each person is the answer to many of life's problems, all you have to do is look under your pillow.