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Miscellaneous Carvers

Loon Carving 
w/ Abalone Inlay
by Brian Bob

$325.00 CDN each

2 available
Height 9.5" x Length 23.5"


The Eclipse Jewel Box
Pine w/ Cedar Inlay
by Sarah Robertson

$495.00 CDN
8" x 8" x 11 3/4"


Thunderbird Whale Totem
by Sarah Robertson

$30.00 CDN


Thunderbird Plaque
by Sarah Robertson

$95.00 CDN

by Ed Peekeekoot

$88.00 CDN

Rough & Tough
by Ed Peekeekoot

$179.00 CDN


Elmer has many many grand children.The story of the wild women is and was widely told by the elder's to their children and grandchildren.tradtionally throughout the West Coast each village has there version of the supernatural human-like beings that live deep in the forrests.

Wild Woman Mask
by Elmer Thompson
w/ Human Hair

$225.00 CDN

Frog Mask
by Elmer Thompson

$250.00 CDN

by Duke James

11 3/4" x 3 1/4"

$ 175.00

by Duke James

11 3/4"


Left Facing Hummingbird
by Len Sylvester

$75.00 CDN