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Northwest Coast native designed earrings by Gilbert Pat .

Gilberts northwest coast graphics far surpasses anyone's expectations, the fine lines of the varity of native designed earrings he offeres is unique to he and his son's who are following in his foot steps with equal styles of their own .Each animal in the northwest coast graphics depicts the spiritual connectedness of the chief and his families to the displaying of the graphical design of the animal that represents their spiritual totem ,often they will design in jewellery and many other mediums. Gilbert's unique style is sought after by many heads of tribes and nations in North America.

Your choice of sheppard hooks , studs,or any width of hoop style is offered in

Thunderbird,Eagle ,Hummingbird , Wolf, Loon, Copper Shield, Sun ,Moon, Raven, Frog Salmon ,Whale often styled with sun or moon.

3/4 inch - 1 1/8 inch

from $118.00- $135.00

in silver or copper

Gold is priced at current market valued estimates



thunderbird earrings

Thunderbird Stud 7/8 ths

stock $78.00


eagle earring 1

Eagle Wing 7/8 ths

stock $78.00


eagle earring 2

Eagle 7/8 ths

$ 78.00



wolf 1

Wolf 1/2 inch Hoop




Wolf & Moon Teardrop

7/8 inch



wolf earrings 3

Wolf & Moon

1 inch Round




Loon Earring


11/8 Inch $135.00




shield earring

Copper Shield

1 1/8 inch- $ 135.00

Eagle & Whale