Eric Tippeconnic

Cultural Background: Comanche Nation

Comanche artist Eric Tippeconnic is an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation on
his father’s side and his mother hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. Eric’s interest in
painting and art was heavily influenced while growing up on numerous reservations and
Indigenous communities as well as from travelling to Denmark each summer to visit his
mother’s side. Eric’s cultural diversity and love of history and art from an early age
helped develop his interest and passion for creating art from the moment he could hold
a pencil. Using bright, rich and vibrant color combinations, Eric utilizes his artwork to
capture movement that serves as a metaphor for the viewer which boldly states that
Indigenous American cultures while intimately connected to their history are in fact
contemporary, alive, and constantly evolving.

Eric completed his PhD in History at the University of New Mexico. He is the first
Comanche to receive a PhD in History. Eric resides in southern California with his family
and teaches at California State University Fullerton.