Not Forgotten POD1033LE

maxine noel not forgotten limited edition print

For years, our communities have pointed to the high number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls in Canada, Highway of Tears in Northern British Columbia is a good example of the problem.

Although Aboriginal females represent only four percent of the canadian female population, they account for 16% of murders committed in Canada.

Aboriginal women and girls in Canada are especially vunerable to violence that results in them becoming a missing or murdered statistic. It is time for this to end.
The Native Women’s Association of Canada is dedicated to demanding a National Inquiry and a National Action Plan to address the underlying root causes and inequities which create the terrible burden of violence carried by Aboriginal women and girls.

16" x 20" (40.5cm x 51cm) Limited Edition $125.00

20" x 25-1/2" (51cm x 65cm) Matted Limited Edition $185.00

25" x 35-1/2" (63.5cm x 90cm) Framed Limited Edition $225.00

16" x 20" (40.5cm x 51cm) Canvas Limited Edition $125.00

13"x 16.5" (33cm x 42cm) Stretched Canvas Limited Edition $185.00

15x 18.5" (38cm x 47cm) Stretched and Framed Canvas Limited Edition $225.00

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